The secret garden of flowers pop up!


“Flowering requires going through all the seasons”

How right is this sentence! Starting this year due to all the events I felt a bit unmotivated and uninspired. But the release of Gigis lab arrived, and the magic of scraping came back.

But when I see such a beautiful scrapbooking collection and I start to adapt it in my head to possible pop-ups, magic returns, I feel motivated, creative and no one can stop me, not even allergies hahaha.

If your head also goes through a slow process of creativity, let me tell you that I bring you an antidote, straight from the Gigislab laboratory. I have created a new online course, different from the ones I have done, much more customizable, much larger, much more of everything.

Welcome to the course “The garden of pop up flowers

What are you going to learn in this course?

It is a course divided into two parts, the first part where I tell you all the secrets of pop up techniques and a second part where we create an scrapbooking pop up album. I will tell you a little more below.

In the fisrt module you will learn everything about the tools and materials necessary to make pop ups and then you will learn the 5 pop up techniques, their bases and fundamentals so that you can create your own templates and create spectacular flowers.

And in the second module you will assemble an scrapbooking album, you will create all the pages of the album. You will learn to choose the album size that interests you the most, create your own spine, you will learn to calculate the size of the spine, the hinge and you will also see how I like to work suede.

What will you need to carry out the workshop?

The tools you will need are the same ones you already use to make a scrapbook, you don’t need anything new. There is also a full video where I talk about my favorite tools. To make the album you have a list of materials inside the document.

What does the course contain?

The course contains 15 video tutorials + an extra one with the step by step to learn about the techniques and make the scrapbooking album from scratch. Once you purchase the course, you will receive a PDF document by email. In this PDF you will find the links to the tutorial videos, the templates to be able to make the different pop ups, and a summary of the measures that appear in the course.

Do I need to know about pop ups?

Not at all. And I’ll explain why. The course takes all the measurements and a lot of templates so that without having a clue you can make the album. You do not need previous knowledge.


The price of the course is €28.50 without VAT.

By purchasing this item you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. You can see them here.

If you have any questions about how the course works or have any problems, you can visit this link and see the frequently asked questions.

kora projects

Starter KIT of materials*

This course is not linked to any collection, you can use the one you like the most, the materials you already have and thus be as creative as possible.

Even so I wanted to help you to start immediately with the project.

In Kora Projects you will find a kit with the basic materials, cardboard, cardboard, suede, LED lights and an exclusive shaker (of course, I could have made an exclusive one, haha but this time it is more of a cover for 3D lights), and only you will have to add your favorite collection; although you can do the whole project without using any collection, just the kit is enough.

*the kit does NOT contain the collection.

“Live as if you are going to die tomorrow and learn as if you are going to live forever” – Mahatma Gandhi

Milena de miel

Who is Milena de Miel?

Creating from scratch makes us connect with ourselves. Remembering those moments lived and leaving them embodied in our projects makes us more aware of our day and we value more what really matters. No matter the style, the “mistakes” made or the tools you use, if you do it from the heart the result is amazing.

My name is Milena and my passion is teaching. I want people to relive those memorable moments while they make room for it on their shelf.